Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Foam formation occurs in various industrial water circuits and wastewaters and causes technical problems that lead to greater expenses and higher costs.

Defoamers or antifoaming agents are chemical products suitable for reducing or preventing undesired foam formation. Whether municipal or industrial wastewater treatment, recycling, paint and coatings, automotive, paper or construction industries, LEVACO has the right defoamer for your application.

We develop defoamers based on our EO/PO polymers as well as other non-silicone and silicone raw materials suitable for all process temperatures from 5 to 100°C. Contact our staff to select the right defoamer for your process!

Product Temperature range
DEFOSPUM® PWW 74 15-45°C
DEFOSPUM® PWW 90 40-100°C
DEFOSPUM® S 664 5-35°C

DEFOSCALE® against scaling

The prevention of scaling through the use of DEFOSCALE® comes into consideration wherever heat transfer surfaces are affected by deposits, expensive plant components such as pumps or sensors are to be protected from deposits, or the clogging of pipelines due to deposits leads to costly repairs. DEFOSCALE® effectively prevents the formation of scaling and thus ensures cost savings.

DEFOCLEAN® for plant cleaning

DEFOCLEAN® optimizes chemical cleaning processes to remove organic and inorganic deposits. This makes them more effective and cost-efficient.

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