Fermentation industry

In biotechnology, fermentation is used for the microbial conversion of organic substances into desired end products. A distinction is made between aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, while the best possible conditions must prevail for the microorganism to have an effective fermentation outcome. Depending on the fermentation process, LEVACO strives to destroy, prevent or manage foaming with the help of our DEFOSPUM® antifoaming agents.

The LEVACO team is known for its close cooperation with our customers. Each fermentation process is carefully discussed and observed before a tailor-made solution is provided. Joint product developments and large-scale trials in production facilities pose a particular challenge in fermentation processes, as production must not come to a standstill.

Thanks to LEVACO’s many years of experience, production stops can be avoided and fermentation efficiency can be increased. We look forward to helping you mitigate foaming in fermentation, whether you produce amino acids, baker's yeast, enzymes, ethanol, citric acid or pharma products.

Product Temperature range
DEFOSPUM® FE 252 20-100°C
DEFOSPUM® 7E4 25-50°C
DEFOSPUM® 21 SK 0-100°C
DEFOSPUM® ZI 33 55-120°C

DEFOSCALE® against scaling

Scaling prevents an effective heat transfer, resulting in increased energy costs. DEFOSCALE® prevents the formation of scaling in heat exchangers, distillation units and evaporators, reducing energy consumption and saving CO2 and costs.

DEFOCLEAN® for plant cleaning

Chemical cleaning processes are used to remove organic and inorganic deposits. DEFOCLEAN® optimizes these processes. This makes the processes more effective and cost-efficient.

Our products are approved as auxiliaries for the food industry, in line with the appropriate EU, EC, BfR and FDA regulations and are Kosher and Halal certified.