About us

About us

Process chemicals for the food industry

Industrial applications often lead to undesired foam during various processes. Foaming is usually caused by organic or inorganic substances extracted through manufacturing. LEVACO has a wide range of different antifoaming agents which aim to destroy, prevent or manage the foam, regardless of your process.

Deposits that form on the heat transfer surfaces reduce energy efficiency. Our antiscalants ensure an even and permanent heat transfer. This effectively reduces energy consumption, saves CO2 and costs.

If organic or inorganic deposits are already formed, our cleaners are used for recovery to effectively transfer heat.

For the optimal application of our process chemicals, our team always works in close contact with our customers in order to offer customized and efficient solutions for the specific requirements of industrial processes.

We are known for the close cooperation and support for our customers.

Applications for defoamers can be:

"LEVACO antifoam & food solutions" emerged from the "Food" division of the former company DEFOTEC Entschäumer Vertriebs-GmbH.